A struggle to be Normal and Struggling to Fit in... I grew up with Cerebral Palsy. Struggling with the very fact that I was very different from birth. I would ask the question, “how come I had this decease, what did I do to deserve this?”…were questions I fought with for many years.
I thought life and God were unfair to me and they were all out to get me, (rejection had it’s grip).  This took me places I didn’t want to be. I had a willingness to work and have a future but suffering from tremors in my hands kept me from experiencing a fulfilled life. I quit school as soon as I could in order to get away from all the teasing that took place at my expense.
I started hanging around people who would accept him for what I was. I hated anything and everything that stood for authority or management. Being around people of like-mindedness (rebellious people) I found a way to make a future for myself, and this started me selling drugs. Then I found myself hiding behind a false mask that the drugs and alcohol had brought.


I finally had a sense of being someone. I lived in fear and could never muster up the courage to ask about the condition of my own heart. Not trusting anything, anyone or self. I had built up walls around my life so no-one could get in and hurt me any more. This came from many years of being hurt and hurting those around me. It is often said that you hurt those closest to you, and I did. This made life difficult to say the least, and my life had become a total lie, everything was a scam. The heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol just numbed the pain of rejection, hatred, bitterness and loneliness causing me not to have to look at the monster I had become.
I couldn’t even look in a mirror, I was revolting to myself. Like I said earlier it took me way further then I ever wanted to go. Searching for Guidance from a Father figure. In December 1989 I was running from myself and the police when I ended up in Kitchener ON. I was dealing drugs out of a crackhouse when my life was about to take a dramatic changed.


An elder named George (lets call him my spiritual Father), from a Church in Cambridge picked me up hitch-hiking on the HWY.#401. George asked me if I would like some prayer and I said “yes.” George went on to pray for me right there in my driveway. Also that night I would reach out and called, “100 Huntley Street” and I met the Lord. I ended up going to prison for crimes that I had been involved with previously in life. When I got out of prison, I was going to return to driving truck, so I thought, ,..continued>>>

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